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Located in Madrid

The contract of the expansion of the Valdebebas Wastewater Treatment Plant includes the complete renovation of the pre-treatment and desanding-degreasing with construction of an additional line.

It is designed to comply with the discharge limits in a non-sensitive area, as the whole of the Jarama river basin is considered as such, and thanks to the extension, the facilities have been upgraded by means of a complete overhaul of their biological treatment. Thanks to this, the discharge levels have been reduced to lower limits than those foreseen in the initial design and the discharge of nitrogen and phosphorous has been eliminated, as required by the regulations.


General Information

  • Entity: Madrid Town Council
  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Population: 140,000 eq/inhab
  • Flow: 34,560 m3/day

Key points 

  • Pre-breakdown for the total flow
  • Complete renewal of the pre-treatment and sand/silt trapping-grease trapping with the construction of an additional line
  • Sand/silt clarifying and grease concentrating
  • New 41x16 m2 primary settler
  • New 3,035 m3 aeration pond with four 60 HP turbines
  • New secondary settler with ø 35 m suction bridge sludge extraction
  • Sodium hypochlorite dosing installation
  • Primary and secondary sludge pumping extension
  • ø 9 m gravity thickener
  • ø 10 m floatation thickener
  • New mixing chamber
  • Additional 3215 m3 anaerobic digester with pumping stirring

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