Equivalent Inhabitants

Located in Madrid

Valdebebas Waste Water Treatment Plant

General Information

  • Entity: Madrid Town Council
  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Population: 260,000 eq/inhab
  • Flow: 52,000 m3/day

Key points - Treatment

  • Pre-breakdown for the total flow
  • Complete renewal of the pre-treatment and sand/silt trapping-grease trapping with the construction of an additional line
  • Sand/silt clarifying and grease concentrating
  • New 41x16 m2 primary settler
  • New 3,035 m3 aeration pond with four 60 HP turbines
  • New secondary settler with ø 35 m suction bridge sludge extraction
  • Sodium hypochlorite dosing installation
  • Primary and secondary sludge pumping extension
  • ø 9 m gravity thickener
  • ø 10 m floatation thickener
  • New mixing chamber
  • Additional 3215 m3 anaerobic digester with pumping stirring

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