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Design, construction and start-up

Design, construction and start-up of the variant of the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) at Sopuerta

This WWTP will have capacity to treat 800 m3/day for a population of 2,500, and it will later be extended to 1,145 m3/day, covering a population of just over 3,700. The new treatment plant will include, among other features, a prolonged aeration process with biological elimination of nitrogen and phosphorous. 

General Information

  • Proyect: Sopuerta WWTP
  • Entity: Bilbao-Bizkaia Water Utility (CABB)
  • Localition: Sopuerta, Vizcaya, Spain
  • Capacity: 1,145 m3/d
  • Population: 3,700 inhabitants

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