Population equivalent

Construction and operation of the plant

This project arose from the need to ensure provision of water for the mining operations in this region. The plant uses reverse osmosis technology and is subject to the strictest environmental and quality standards.

The start-up of a desalination plant in the area takes on even greater importance as a water solution, given that the Atacama Desert, rich in mineral resources, is considered to be one of most arid regions on the planet.

It is located in Northern Chile, south of Peru, between the Loa and Copiapó rivers, near Punta Totoralillo Port, one of several owned by CAP Minería in Atacama.

General Information

  • Location: Lake District, Chile
  • Capacity: 39,735 m3/d
  • Contract type: D&C
  • Equivalent population: 147,000 people

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