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Purification of urban and industrial wastewater

ACCIONA was commissioned to design and build the Lugo WWTP. The plant has a water line and a sludge line. This Wastewater Treatment Plant treats the urban and industrial wastewater from the municipality of Lugo.

Additionally, odour treatment has been provided and the facility has been equipped with a network of water services, airing network and with all the auxiliary equipment for the correct operation of the same (laboratory, workshop, maintenance equipment, etc).

The Lugo WWTP has the capacity to treat the water of a population of 200,000 inhabitants. After a series of treatments and processes, it is returned to the receiving waterway with all the guarantees of not altering the ecosystem and contributing to the improvement of living conditions in the aquatic environment of the river Miño.

The valuable natural enclave in which the Lugo treatment plant is located has led to the drawing up of an environmental protection plan to eliminate any possible negative effects that the construction of these facilities might have on the privileged environment in which they are located, while at the same time preserving their integration into the landscape.


General Information

  • Client: Ministry of the Environment. Confederación Hidrográfica del Norte.
  • Location: Lugo (Galicia). Spain.
  • Capacity: 76,500 m3/day.
  • Population equivalent: 200,000 inhabitants.

Key points

Design and construction of WWTP in Lugo. The facility is composed of a water line and a sludge line.

The water line includes:

  • General bypass for maximum flow.
  • Two prefilter wells with screens.
  • Two channels equipped with rotating and disintegrating sifters.
  • Two pumping wells for the elevation of raw water.
  • Four discharge canals.
  • Four desanding-deoiling canals.
  • Six primary decanters.
  • Measurement and regulation of the flow into the biological treatment stage.
  • Biological treatment in four lines.
  • Recirculation of sludge.

The sludge line is made up of:

  • Primary sludge purge.
  • Excess sludge purge.
  • Sludge thickening process.
  • Excess sludge thickening.
  • Anaerobic digestion.
  • Storage of digested sludge.
  • Dehydration and thermal drying


Environmental measures

The environment plays an important role in all areas of the construction of the new plant by applying the following measures:

  • Confinement of all odour-producing points and installation of deodorisation systems.
  • Reduction of noise levels by acoustic insulation of equipment likely to cause nuisance.
  • Incorporation of a thermal sludge drying system to ensure that no ash or polluting gases are emitted.
  • Reduction of the visual impact of the new facilities by integrating the buildings into the landscape.
  • Inclusion of an environmental recovery project that guarantees the appropriate integration of the plant into the landscape: planting of autochthonous species, creation of vegetation screens and minimisation of the visual impact of the projected facilities.


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