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Located in Murcia

The contract mainly cover all the operation, conservation and maintenance works for the facilities, as well as staff costs, control of electricity consumption, water analysis processes, transport and disposal of pre-treatment waste, sludge transport, etc.

The lot, awared by Murcia’s Regional Water Sanitation and Treatment Agency (ESAMUR), comprises the facilities located in the Vega Media area, such as the WWTPs of Lorqui, Ceutí, Torres de Cotilla and Archena, as well as the WWTPs of La Algaida, Balneario, Ojos-Ricote, Ulea, Villanueva and Mayes, with the combined capacity to treat 5,747,200m3 annually, under a three-year contract, also extendable for two additional years.

The WWTP feature tertiary treatment for the regeneration of treated water, which entails the recovery of about 14 million cubic meters of water per year. In addition, sludge production will be addressed to reduce the size of the waste and improve its pathogen load through stabilization and sanitization processes.

With this new contract, ACCIONA consolidates its leadership in the O&M of wastewater treatment plants in the Murcia region. Currently, ACCIONA already operates the following contracts of this kind for ESAMUR: the Northwestern WWTP Zone (Bullas, Caravaca, Cehegín, Moratalla, etc.); the Segura River’s Upper Course WWTP Zone (Cieza, Calasparra, Blanca, Abarán); the Segura River’s Middle Course WWTP Zone (Archena, Ceutí, Lorquí, Torres de Cotilla); and the Mar Menor WWTP Zone (San Javier, San Pedro del Pinatar and Los Alcazares, the latter in a joint venture with Cadagua).

General Information

  • Project: WWTP Lorqui
  • Entity: ESAMUR
  • Location: Lorquí, Murcia (Spain)
  • Design flow: 5,000 m3/day
  • Population: 50,000 inhabitants

Key points

  • Pre-treatment: Large particle screens, sifting, desander, sand classifier, deoiler and influent flow metre
  • Primary treatment: Physical-chemical and sedimentation
  • Secondary treatment: Biological treatment of carousel type active sludge with nitrification-denitrification. O2 input / Mud recirculation / Sedimentation
  • Mud treatment: Thickener and dehydration
  • Miscellaneous: Disinfection, tertiary treatment and deodorising

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