2.5 M

Population equivalent

Environmental, economic and social regeneration of the area

The plant has also aided in the environmental recovery of the existing beach areas that were polluted, in order for their increased use as recreational areas and for tourism, and for tourism projects to be promoted in the area of influence.

The plant has enabled the environmental recovery of existing contaminated beach areas, increasing their use as a source of recreation and tourism and promoting tourism projects in the area of influence.

The La Chira project enable the Peruvian government to fulfil its commitment to the Millennium Goal of 100% treated wastewater by 2015.


General Information

  • Location: Lima, Peru
  • Capacity: 544,320 m3/d
  • Contract type: D&C and O&M (25 years)
  • Equivalent population: 2.5 million people


Social initiatives related to the project

In recent years, ACCIONA has developed initiatives of a social nature, which directly benefit the inhabitants of the towns in the vicinity of the project.

These areas are:

  • Guided visits to the community in the project's area of influence.
  • Informative talks to the community on the scope of the project.
  • Environmental competitions in schools in the area.


Bringing the coast back to life

Few people know that the district of Chorrillos, one of 43 which make up the Peruvian province of Lima, owes its name to underground currents of freshwater that flow through the city’s drains and out to Agua Dulce beach, one of the best known resorts in the metropolis. Less well known perhaps is the story that the Spanish Viceroy, the Count of Lemos, on arriving in the New World, made the area his favorite destination in 1679, precisely due to the insuperable quality of its water...

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