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Design, construction and O&amp

The project includes the design, construction and O&M of the WWTP.

General Information

  • Proyect: Katameya WWTP
  • Entity:  Construction Authority for Potable Water and Wastewater (CAPW)
  • Contract Award: ACCIONA – HASSAM ALLAM - GINZA
  • Location: New Cairo, Egypt
  • Capacity: 
    • Flow: 120,000 m3/d, 
    • Population: 800,000

Key points

  • Wastewater inflow from New Cairo Area
  • Activated Sludge Plant
  • The resulting water is pumped for irrigation

Plant description: 

  • 6 income points with automatic screens
  • 3 de-sanding and de-greasing tanks
  • 6 primary decanters
  • Biological Reactor with recirculation, which include nitrificaition and de-nitrification, with biological elimination of nitrogen
  • Distribution Station
  • 6 Secondary decanters
  • Tertiary treatment to reutilize waste water (irrigation) through sand filtration including a clean water tank
  • Disinfection (chlorination)
  • Sludge Treatment: homogenisation, stabilization, and moisture and solids removal before dumps disposal
  • Control equipment to enabling the plant to operate automatically 


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