Equivalent pupolation

WWTP Extension and Remodelling

Fuengirola WWTP Extension and Remodelling

General Information

  • Entity: Ministry of the Environment /South Hydrographic Confederation
  • Location: Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain
  • Population: 350,000 eq/inhab
  • Flow: 60,000 m3/day

Key points


  • Coarse solids well
  • Coarse solids breakdown channels
  • Raw water pumping with 4 (3+1) submergible pumps
  • Fine solids breakdown in 3 channels
  • Channel sand/silt trapping-grease trapping

Biological treatment

  • Anaerobic selector
  • Distribution of biological reactors for filamentous organism control
  • Active sludge biological treatment with removal of nitrogen by biological means
  • Low load biological process with prolonged aeration and sludge stabilization
  • Carousel shaped reactors with aeration by means of diffusers and blowers
  • Removal of phosphorus by alumina sulphate dosing
  • 2 circular settlers with a 22 m diameter radial bridge

Tertiary treatment

  • Propelling to battery of pressure microfilters with self-washing and automatic cleaning
  • Closed type UV ray reactor

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