Population equivalent

With Nereda® technology

The plant is equipped with an advanced biological, filtration and disinfection process and has a daily flow rate of 28,149 cubic meters (m³), reaching maximum performance at 3,942 m³ per hour.

It is located one kilometer west of Olhão in a beautiful natural setting, and its construction has included the rehabilitation of the surrounding territory and landscape.

Solar panels with total installed capacity of 50 kW have been incorporated into the plant to produce the energy consumed by its auxiliary services.


  • Location: Faro-Olhão, the Algarve, Portugal
  • Type of contract: EPC + 1 year start-up
  • Budget: 13.9 million euros
  • Client: Aguas do Algarve (AdA)
  • Flow rate: 28,149 m³/day
  • Population equivalent: 113,200

Nereda® technology

The Faro-Olhão WWTP is the first in which ACCIONA is implementing Nereda® technology, an innovative system in wastewater treatment that can be applied to both new plants and those already in operation. It allows a plant’s capacity to be increased and its performance improved and is an excellent solution for older facilities, where greater demands during processes is translated into higher energy consumption.

  • 50% reduction in the carbon footprint for energy consumed in the water purification process
  • 20-30% energy saving in the water purification process

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