+ 4,100

Population equivalent

First biological treatment of this kind that ACCIONA uses in Portugal

Águas Públicas do Alentejo has awarded ACCIONA the construction of the Ermidas do Sado wastewater treatment plant and its subsequent commissioning for a period of one year. The facility will serve a population equivalent to 4,100 people.

50% of the treated water is of industrial origin, eliminating pollutants from the water and returning it to the environment without causing a negative environmental impact.

The new plant will be located in the district of Setúbal, specifically on the site of the existing WWTP, but its construction will be carried out without interfering with its operation.

The facility contains a pioneering biological treatment line that includes pretreatment and a lamination tank, which reduces the surface area of the plant and, in turn, its visual and environmental impact. A system will also be installed to reduce odors using a high-performance biofilter.

General Information

  • Location: Setúbal, Portugal 
  • Equivalent population: 4,100 people

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