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WWTP Extension and Improvement

ACCIONA was awarded the contract for the expansion and improvement of water treatment and sludge extraction at the Calviá-Paguera WWTP.

The objective was to improve the quality of the treated water and of the sludge and gases generated during the process, as well as to optimize the efficiency of the facilities by implementing technologies that allow treatment at the lowest cost.

A storm pool was installed to collect water from heavy rainfall to prevent it from overflowing into the stream and to improve environmental protection. In addition, an area was created to optimize the biological process of water purification, improving the elimination of nitrogen and phosphorus. The sludge extraction system will also be optimized.

This treatment plant belongs to the four treatment plants of the municipality of Calvià, in Mallorca, Balearic Islands. The Santa Ponça treatment plant, the largest in the municipality, treats 71% of the total wastewater generated; Peguera 15%, Bendinat 11% and Calvià 3%.

General Information

  • Entity: M.O.P.T.M.A. D.G.C.A.
  • Location: Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  • Population: 6,100 eq/inhab
  • Flow: 58,500 m3/day

Key points


  • Extending and improving the existing facilities
  • Breakdown and sand/silt trapping
  • Biological treatment using active sludge with aerobic sludge stabilisation and nitrogen removal by means of nitrification-denitrification
  • Centrifuge denitrification of stabilised sludge
  • Deodorising system in the Breakdown and in the drying building by chemical means

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