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Treatment and Discharge Improvement

Cabo Prioriño Submarine Outfall. Improved Treatment and Discharge. This station serves the municipalities of Ferrol, Narón and Neda. It is a modern and compact plant in which the occupation has been minimised to reduce the visual impact generated by the clearing necessary for its construction.

General Information

  • Entity: MIMAM. North Hydrographic Confederation
  • Location: Ferrol, A Coruña, Spain
  • Flow: 31,000 m3/day

Key points

Water Line

  • Influent construction and pre-sand/silt trapping
  • Forebay
  • Influent flow metering and regulation
  • Raw water lifting to treatment line, with 5 submergible screw pumps
  • Pre-treatment with 3 mm sieving in 4 channels and sand/silt trapping-grease trapping in 5 channels
  • Pre-treated water flow metering
  • Lamellar settling without reagents (SEDIPAC), in three units
  • Biological filtration (BIOFOR), in six units
  • Biofor dirty washing water regulation (with the excess sludge from this biological treatment)
  • Delivery of treated water to action commencement (Disinfection and undersea effluent pipe)

Sludge Line

  • Joint primary sludge and excess sludge extraction from the DEDIPAC, and six screw pump pumping
  • Excess sludge thickening through thickening screens, in three units with chemical conditioning
  • Pumping to digestion, by three twist screw units

Gas line

  • Gas production in digesters
  • Gas storage in low pressure gasometer
  • Using gas in sludge heating
  • Surplus gas burning in flare

Ancillary services

  • Deodorising
  • Building ventilation
  • Service water
  • Service air

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