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more than 200 treatment plants

Handling, supervision, control and maintenance

ACCIONA has been awarded the handling, supervision, control and maintenance of the Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) and pumping stations and the conservation, adaptation and improvement of Abbanoa SpA’s complex of plants, located in the north and center of Sardinia.


In total, the treatment plants have a capacity of almost 300.000 cubic metres per day, to provide a service to a population of around one and a half million.

General Information

  • Project: O&M Abbanoa SpA WWTP
  • Location: Sardinia, Italy
  • Capacity: 300,000 m3/día
  • Population: 500,000 inhabitants

Key points

The operating contract is for 36 months and covers more than 200 treatment plants and 500 pumping stations grouped in three batches: 

  1. Nuoro-Oristano consisting of 104 treatment plants and 241 pumping stations, where around 95 people are employed
  2. Sassari-Olbia covering 109 treatment plants and 240 pumping stations, with 111 employees
  3. Lanusei  with 16 treatment plants and 45 pumping stations and around 15 people hired

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