Equivalent Population

At whose feet the river Duero flows

ACCIONA has been running the Toro service since 2001, both as to supply and sewerage and water treatment via a 25 year concession.

The town of Toro is located on a hill at whose feet the river Duero flows. The heart of an eminently cattle raising and farming area, it is expanding heavily in the wine producing sector. New sources for the town’s economic development are growing tourism and the renewable energy industry. Another town in the province of Zamora, Corrales, is also managed from Toro.


Since 2021 ACCIONA have implemented a real-time sensor-based monitoring system for the city’s main urban services, making Toro one of the most advanced smart cities in Europe.


The work centre currently employs 10 workers who ensure that the Service works correctly, with the different functions each has, amongst which are subscriber management, meter reading, water quality control, repairing faults, building new systems and connections, maintaining catchments and the W.W.T.S., etc.

The supply infrastructure that ACCIONA runs consists of modern catchment facilities in the Eras de Santa Catalina district, altered and improved in the last year by ACCIONA through being awarded thereto.

The supply pipes are fairly old although they are currently being renewed for new, more suitable cast iron pipes in view of the town’s peculiarity, the wine cellars that were dug out by our ancestors for making the district’s renowned wines.

General Information

  • Client: Toro Town Council 
  • Population: 9,115 inhabitants 
  • Location: Zamora, Spain 
  • Average volume distributed (m3/day): 4,100

Key points

Services included:

  • Systems maintenance:
    • Distribution (km): 45.
    • Sewerage (Km): 40.
  • Meter reading: 24,560 
  • Leak searching (Km per year): 120 
  • Water quality control (total analyses per year): 224+ disinfection control 
  • Emergency service: 365 days 
  • Subscriber management 
  • Hydraulic works

Origin of the water

  • Two own boreholes, 180 m3/h each 135 m deep 
  • Storage capacity, 4000 m3, semi-underground tanks 
  • Overhead tank, 460 m3 
  • Pre-chlorination in semi-underground tanks and post-chlorination in the overhead tank


  • Design flow (m3/day): 4,848 
  • Equivalent population: 25,000 
  • Pre-treatment: Storm water abatement well, automatic coarse waste removal, fines screening, sand trap-grease trap 
  • Secondary treatment: Biological treatment with oxidation channel with carousel type nitrification-denitrification (two reactors) and secondary settling (two) 
  • Sludge treatment: Thickener, dehydration by two centrifuges 
  • Residual pumps: Two in sewerage system

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