Equivalent Population

18,000 inhabitants served

Municipal public utilities for the household supply of drinking water, sewer system and wastewater treatment.

General Information

  • Customer: Manzanares Town Council.
  • Location: Ciudad Real (Castilla-La Mancha). Spain.
  • Population served: 18,000.
  • Average volume distributed: 7,800 m3/day.


Services included:

  • Maintenance of Networks:
    • High (km): 40.
    • Distribution (km): 80.
    • Drainage (km): 80.
  • Meter readings (readings /year): 28,432.
  • Search for leaks (km/year): 300.
  • Water quality control (total analysis/ year): 393 + Disinfection control.
  • Emergency service.
  • Hydraulic works.
  • Waste management.
  • Supply to Manzanares, Membrilla and Herrera de la Mancha Prison.

Source of water:

  • Own catchment.
  • Total storage capacity (m3): 13,300.


Waste Water Treatment Plant:

Average flow (m3/day) 8,791
Equivalent population (kg BOD5/day) 73,258
Pre-treatment Coarse solid tank/screening/removal of grit and sand/flow measurement
Secondary treatment Active sludge with prolonged aeration and elimination of N and P
Sludge treatment Thickener/dehydration

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