Michelin's strategic service provider

Mechanical maintenance services, GS maintenance, level 0 works and industries, ordinary and technical cleaning services, gardening and waste management.

ACCIONA is the strategic supplier of Michelin services at its Burgos and Valladolid plants.


The first, won in 2015 for its Aranda del Duero (Burgos) factory, includes the mechanical maintenance service of the production workshops and the maintenance of facilities, such as that of the machinery used to manufacture lorry tyres.


Since December 2016, the services business of ACCIONA has also been managing the new FM SITE contract for the Valladolid plant, comprising 19 batches: production maintenance services, GS maintenance, works and trades, ordinary and technical cleaning services, gardening, waste, among others.


ACCIONA provides greater flexibility and capacity to Michelin to adapt to the production circumstances. Furthermore, as a result of its experience in the provision of ancillary services in the automotive sector, ACCIONA provides advice at its “Competence Centre”, integrated by a team of experts that counsel the start-up of the contract, the on-going improvement of processes, incident resolution and the implementation of the LEAN methodology.


  • Customer: Michelin
  • Commencement of contract: 2015 and 2016
  • Location: Burgos and Valladolid
  • Services:
    • mechanical maintenance
    • GS maintenance
    • level 0 works and industries
    • ordinary and technical cleaning services
    • gardening
    • waste management

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