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An example of urban management during the high season

Waste collection and street cleaning of calpe

Urban solid waste collection and street cleaning in the municipality of Calpe, a service affecting some 30,000 residents. This is a pioneering contract in monitoring services through the Citizen Control Centre.


In addition, ACCIONA optimises tasks by incorporating side-loading lorries into its fleet, meaning that the staff can dedicate themselves to other services and increase frequency.


Before the municipality of Calpe started recycling, ACCIONA managed the switch from installed hydraulic containers with a non-divisible capacity of 4,000 litres at that time, to underground containers with a capacity of 12,000 litres or semi-underground containers with a capacity of 18,000 litres divisible into four parts (waste, cardboard, plastic containers and glass).


  • Client: Calpe Town Hall
  • Location: Calpe (Alicante), Spain
  • Services: Waste collection and street cleaning
  • Contract start year: 1994


ACCIONA collaborates with the Gargasindi Special Education Needs School in Calpe, where bottle caps are collected regularly and transported to the recycler.

awards and recognitions

ACCIONA has obtained the Silver and Gold Broom Award, and an Artegrus Honourable Mention and Platinum Award, which were presented at the Madrid Trade Fair, for its excellence in the management of Calpe.

Technology and innovation

Fleet management system

The fleet management system keeps an inventory of urban elements and all human and mechanical resources related to the service, enabling adequate planning and general organisation. This allows us to perfectly control all activities carried out in the municipality and helps to provide the correct justification to the responsible administration.

In addition, this system makes it possible to automate the creation of reports and graphs, and to send them to the managers defined by the organisation.


At the Control Centre, the information received is presented to the user through a Geographic Information System (GIS) and together with a series of reports, enables comparison of the studies and facilitates real-time decision-making.



Monitoring the vehicles used to provide these services is one of the major challenges that ACCIONA and its technology partner have responded to, thanks to the Global Location System (GLS). This acquires data from the different systems and sends it to the incident management platform for further development.

Moreover, it should be noted that, thanks to data modelling and the use of ICT solutions in the provision of these services, it is also possible to provide additional services such as the payment-per-generation systems (PxG).

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