Cost-Effective Recycling buildings

Cost-Effective Recycling Of C&DW In High Added Value Energy Efficient Prefabricated Concrete Components For Massive Retrofit Prefabricated Concrete Components For Massive Retrofitting Of Our Built Environment.

The main objective of VEEP is to develop and demonstrate a series of technological solutions for the massive retrofitting of our built environment, aiming at cost-effectively reducing building energy consumption. It leads to higher resource efficiency in two novel multilayer precast concrete elements (PCEs), through the combination of concrete and superinsulation material manufactured by using, at least, 75% (by weight) of C&DW recycled materials, as raw materials. The PCE solutions will be conceived both for new building envelope / recladding (PCE1) and for building envelope refurbishment / overcladding (PCE2).

In detail, VEEP aims at developing the following advanced recycling technologies:

1) Advanced Drying Recovery (ADR) redesigned for modular construction and efficient onsite transportability and light weight (LW) concrete recycling;

2) Innovative mobile Heating-Air classification System (HAS) Pilot Plant (3ton/hour);

3) Combined ADR + HAS technology for simultaneous production of recycled concrete particles;

4) Ultra-fine wet grinding and health-safety refining technology.

Materials developments

VEEP aims to enable the incorporation of higher levels of C&DW inorganic recycled materials in new concrete. Today’s most sustainable buildings are the result of partial or total replacement of natural aggregates or clinker with recycled aggregates and cementitious supplementary materials. Less than 5% of recycled concrete aggregates are currently used in new concrete manufacturing. Still replacement levels are typically limited to 20% to 30% of the coarse fraction of the recycled NW concrete aggregate. The use of ADR technology developed in the project can lead to higher quality coarse recycled concrete aggregates and higher compressive strength up to 100% of the virgin coarse aggregate (50% of the total concrete weight) can be replaced by coarse recycled concrete aggregate without detrimental effect.


  • To develop, upscale and optimize new advanced recycling technologies conceived for a high efficient cost-effective recovery of mineral resources.
  • To set the scientific-technological basis for the eco-design and fabrication of new green NW and LW concrete recipes containing high levels (at least, 75% by weight) of upgraded C&DW recycled materials.
  • To develop, adapt and optimize the upscaling of cost-effective sustainable aerogel composite.
  • To eco-design, develop, characterize and optimize two novel cost-effective energy efficient PCEs containing high levels (>75% by weight) of C&DW recycled materials through the smart combination of concrete, cost-effective aerogel composites and 3D printed plastic sides and shuttering pieces.


48 months


  • D´Appolonia (coord).
  • Tecnalia.
  • TUDelft.
  • Universiteit Leiden.
  • Nobatek.
  • KEEY Aerogel.
  • Strukton Civiel.
  • BIBM.
  • Fenix.
  • TesiSystem.
  • ADR Technology.
  • Stam.
  • Tiihonen.
  • UNE.

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