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Vedadillo Experimental Area and Wind Farm

The Vedadillo Wind Farm and Experimental Area total 58.5 MW of installed capacity. Built in 2005 and 2013 respectively, both are located in the municipality of Falces (Navarra, northern Spain), which was awarded the Prize to Rural Integration of Wind Power in 2015, by the Wind Power Spanish Association. ACCIONA owns the 48-MW Moncayuelo Wind Farm in the vicinity.

The Vedadillo Experimental Area features three wind turbines by Nordex-Acciona Windpower technology, with 3MW rated capacity each. All of them are installed on 120m-high concrete tower. Two turbines have a rotor of 116m diameter whereas the other one has a  125m rotor being one of the largest swept area in the onshore wind sector.

The Area is located near the Vedadillo Wind Farm, which includes 33 Nordex-Acciona Windpower wind turbines of 1.5MW rated capacity each, with 77m rotor diameter, on 80m steel towers.

Both facilities evacuate the power output to a nearby substation which was built by ACCIONA following the typical rural architecture of the region. They produce enough clean energy to power around 44,000 households.



  • Location: Falces, Navarra (Spain).
  • Capacity: 9 MW / 49.5 MW
  • Wind turbines: 2-AW116/3000. 1-AW125/3000. 33-AW77/1500.
  • Towers: Concrete (3-120m high) and steel (33-80m high).
  • Start-up: 2013 / 2005.
  • Owner: ACCIONA.


  • The Experimental Area is used to test new technical solutions in wind turbines.
  • It includes a 125m-rotor-diameter wind turbine, one of the largest in the onshore wind sector
  • Both facilities produce enough power to meet the power demand of 44,000 homes
  • Rural-style substation imitating the tradicional architecture in the region
  • The Spanish Wind Power Association awarded the municipality of Falces the Award for Rural Integration of Wind Power in 2015.



Falces, the idyllic town complete with wind

Wind power has brought technology and sustainability to the small Navarre town where the world-famous saxophonist Pedro Iturralde was born and they grow “best garlic in the world”.

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