historical hectares of Madrid

Caring for the lungs of the capital.

Comprehensive management of public services for municipal parks and nurseries of the Madrid Town Hall.

ACCIONA's conservation tasks include gardening, cleaning, surveillance, site furnishings, municipal buildings and facilities, lighting and sanitation networks, ornamental fountains and wildlife.


Since 2014, ACCIONA has been in charge of the comprehensive conservation of the eight most emblematic parks in Madrid, the historical and artistic heritage of the capital: 

  1. El Retiro
  2. El Oeste Park
  3. La Quinta de los Molinos
  4. El parque de la Quinta de la Fuente del Berro
  5. El Capricho de la Alameda de Osuna
  6. de Sabatini
  7. The Plaza de Oriente Gardens
  8. Dehesa de la Villa park

The contract employs over 300 people, including agronomists, agricultural technicians, forestry technicians, public works technicians and fine arts graduates, professionals and experts in gardening, landscaping, civil works and restoration, for the conservation of over 300 hectares of green areas in the capital.

ACCIONA applies its quality, environment and sustainability policy, as well as the use of electric machines and vehicles in some of the parks to minimise CO2 emissions and contribute to the sustainable development of the capital.


ACCIONA has been in charge of the conservation and maintenance of the wooded area of the Royal Botanic Gardens of Madrid since January 2020. Services include tree pruning at height by climbing unique urban trees and shrubs located in this landmark space.


  • Client: Madrid Town Hall
  • Start of contract: 2014 (Historic Parks)/2020 (Royal Botanic Gardens)
  • Location: Madrid
  • Services: maintenance of municipal parks and plant nurseries
  • Scope: 300 ha.

Technology and innovation

Agia project

The Agia project is a programme/application that has been developed within the area of environmental services. It involves the automation of management tasks and monthly reporting to the different municipal bodies of each contract, in order to improve the efficiency of services and optimise resources.

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