Different schools

committed to educational promotion

Upper Primary, was designed with the objective of improve the abilities of reading and mathematics of the students from 6 to 7 years old in 16 different schools, benefiting 1,394 children in the area of Athani.

During 2018 – 2019 ACCIONA continues supporting with the NGO Pratham, the educational promotion in the communities in the area of influence of the wind farm in Bannur, in operation since 2017.


The community volunteers prepared Village Report Cards after assessing the learning abilities of all children in the village. This has helped members of the community to understand the situation of education in their own village.

The main component of the program is to build solid baseline for reading and comprehension of the students. In mathematics, the program focus on reinforce the understanding of elementary maths, fractions and geometry.

The results of the program were clearly positive:

  • Basic reading: at the beginning of the program, 36% of the students were capable of reading and understanding a story, now 84% is able to read short texts and understanding them.
  • Learning and reading comprehension: the number of students capable of understanding and responding direct and indirect questions, summaries stories and make conclusions has increase 22%, 25%, 39% and 22% respectively since the beginning of the program.
  • Writing: students have shown improvements in grammar, spelling, vocabulary and content of a specific topic increasing 20%, 16%, 19% and 19% respectively.
  • Advanced math: the percentage of children who can solve operations and word problems has increased to 89% and 86% from baseline to endline. The ability to recognize fractions and solve fractions has increased by 39% and 60% respectively. 2D shapes recognition and capacity to solve problems of geometry increased by 50% and 74% respectively.

Furthermore, they work with the communities with the initiative “Community based Intervention” seeking to increase the commitment of the community, integrating technology in the activities with tablets and organizing periodic events in order to build an environment that supports the growth of children so that they reach their maximum potential.

Another aspect to be highlighted is the meetings held between ACCIONA and the members representing the community, teachers, stakeholders and children to see the possible improvements and changes to be made in the educational field.

ACCIONA is committed to educational promotion as an empowering tool to improve the social welfare of the communities in the area of influence of its projects.