Drone shot of farmland

Harvesting Sunshine in the Buckeye State

Located in Central Ohio, the Union Solar Farm is an economic development opportunity being pursued by AEUG Union Solar, LLC (ACCIONA)

The project represents an estimated $320M investment that will create more than 300 local jobs at peak construction. It will create an estimated 12 to 14 full-time jobs during operation. The project will contribute millions in local tax revenue over its 30+ year lifetime.


ACCIONA’s team is committed to using local businesses and services providers when possible during construction and operation.


An independent consultant performed an analysis of the economic impact the project will bring to Union County. A summary of that report can be found below.

Local Benefits of Solar Energy

  • A boost in tax revenue without an increased demand on local services like police and schools
  • Local job creation and support of local businesses
  • Local partnership opportunities. Each ACCIONA project includes a social impact management program dedicated to advancing education, wellness or environmental stewardship


  • Location: Union County, Ohio
  • Capacity: 325 MW PV
  • Technology: Solar panels affixed to solar trackers
  • Timeline:
    • Local Permitting: 2020-2021
    • Construction: 2021-2024
    • Begin Operations: 2024
  • Owners: ACCIONA

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  • Key project in a portfolio of solar farms being developed in a relationship between ACCIONA and Tenaska
  • Site will feature solar panels, affixed to solar trackers that maximize production throughout the day
  • Estimated to generate millions in local tax revenue over the life of the project, while offering income diversity to the landowners participating in the solar farm
  • More than 300 new local jobs during peak construction and an estimated 12 to 14 long-term, full-time jobs once operational

More information

Please visit our detail page for more information about this project including relevant documentation, latest project news and benefits.