best urbanism and social impact

A building based on sustainability: treatment plants, green areas on rooftops and photovoltaic cells for outdoor lighting. Its construction allowed the grouping of all community students in one place.

In 2014, Obras magazine recognised the UAM Cuajimalpa Torre III as the best work in the category of 'Urbanism and Social Impact', as it meets all required standards and maintains construction, high social and environmental standards, while minimising energy consumption and promoting the optimal development of the student community.

Key aspects

The building has:

  • Eight floors
  • Spacious courtyards and interior glazed bridges to enable natural lighting and ventilation, with the energy saving benefits this implies
  • 470 parking spaces
  • Library, auditorium, classrooms, workshops and laboratories
  • Cubicles for teachers
  • Outdoor forum, sports facilities and green areas
  • Administrative offices and dining room


General Information

  • Location: Cuajimalpa, Ciudad de México. Mexico
  • Contract type: Design and construction
  • Infrastructure: Infrastructure: 44,000 m2 surface area, 65 classrooms with capacity for 1,200 students (600 per shift) and 88 cubicles for academic staff and 14 research laboratories and an IT, software factory, networks laboratory and structured programming areas.
  • Year of project completion: 2014

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