350 MW

of clean energy

Tall Tree Wind Farm is a proposed renewable energy project in Central West Victoria, Australia. The site is located West of Lethbridge and North of Teesdale, within the Golden Plains Shire. The project will generate up to 350MW of clean energy.


The site was chosen due to its strong wind resource, open, undulating terrain, nearby port access and proximity to a strong electrical point of connection. The land is primarily used for agriculture and grazing.


  • Location: Proposed west of Lethbridge and north of Teesdale in Central West Victoria, Australia
  • Capacity: up to 350MW
  • Investment: $630M
  • Jobs: 270


The Tall Tree Wind Farm is currently in feasibility stage. Wind monitoring and environmental investigations are ongoing at the site and will continue to inform project design throughout the development phase, alongside feedback from the community.