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First time that reverse osmosis technology was used on a large scale in Qatar.

Design, construction, operation and maintenance and later expansion.

Umm Al Houl will produce 284,000 m3 per day as part of a large-scale Independent Water & Power Project (IWPP) that produce around 2,500 MW of electric power and reach 614,000 m3 per day after the start-up of the new facility. The contract covered the design, construction and actual operation and maintenance of the facility.

The plant represented a real milestone in the world of desalination, as it is the first time that reverse osmosis technology was used on a large scale in Qatar.  To date, only evaporation technology was used to desalinate water

The Umm Al Houl expansion includes an existing reverse osmosis desalination plant. Following the expansion, the two reverse osmosis desalination plants will produce 564 million litres per day in total, making it the largest desalination plant in Qatar with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to optimise operations and achieve energy savings.

Recently, the UHP expansion reached a major health and safety milestone, having surpassed 10 million working hours without lost-time injuries. In addition, by completing the project in just 22 months, it also breaks a construction record in the desalination world. This is the third reverse osmosis desalination plant ACCIONA has completed in Qatar.


General Information

  • Client: Qatar Electricity & Water Co- QEWC
  • Location: Doha, Qatar
  • Capacity: 284,000 m3/d 
  • Population: 1,8 millions

The Social Impact Management (SIM) methodology implemented in Umm Al Houl carry out different initiatives with a social, economic and environmental dimension, in order to contribute positively in the wellbeing of workers and other stakeholders of the project, promoting the development of the area of influence.

ACCIONA invests in and develops infrastructure assets to make our planet more sustainable. This approach is designed to create a positive impact on people’s lives and on the planet, which we call regenerative. Meaning making our actions people-centric, achieving a positive planet, making an effort to be leaders of sustainable transformation and integrating sustainable solutions to transform our businesses.

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