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The plant cover an irrigation deficit

Plant construction and operation, covering operations and maintenance for a period of 15 years for covering an irrigation deficit in the irrigable area of the Tagus-Segura transfer canal and "Vega Baja Oeste".

The Desalination plant of Torrevieja is the facility with the largest production capacity of 240,000 m3/d from the planned desalination plants in the Plan Agua, as well as the largest in Europe and the second in the world with reverse osmosis technology.

The latest technological advances have been used in its design, for the protection of the reverse osmosis membranes (submerged filters in the catchment, filtration in two stages on the dual bed, reactants such as coagulants, anti-scaling agents, disinfectants,…) as well as the reduction of energy consumption (heavy duty pumps, isobaric reservoir energy recuperators, differentiated supply pumps,...).

The projected facility cover an irrigation deficit in the irrigable area of the Tajo-Segura transfer of 60 Hm3/year and a supply deficit in the 'Vega Baja West' of 20 Hm3/year. The facility has been designed to produce 80 Hm3/year (240,000 m3/day) currently, with a possibility to expand to 120 Hm3/year.

On the other hand, the plant has not only been designed to produce water that complies with the current legislation regarding supply, but also with requirement levels (boron <0.5 mgr/l), which allow for their use in all types of agricultural irrigation. The design of the facility has been completed with an advanced study of the landscaping integration with the surroundings, bioclimatic buildings and installation of thermal as well as electrical solar energy.

The design of the brine discharge system was conceived in such a manner that it does not have any impact on the flora and fauna, including a complete environmental monitoring study to be performed during the operation.


General Information

  • Entity: Ministry of the Environment
  • Location: Torrevieja, Alicante. Spain.
  • Capacity: 240,000 m3/day
  • Population: 1,600,000 people
  • Water end use: Human and industrial consumption


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