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Sea Water Reverse Osmosis desalination plant at Gran Canaria

The seawater desalination plant produces 16,000 m3 of drinking water per day, which is then sent to the Salinetas SWDP or the regulating tank at Barranco de Silva. The facility is located in the municipality of Telde, near the area called Punta de Silva.

The seawater intake point is located near the desalination plant. The catchment is done through a battery of 6 wells, with each one containing a submersible pump with a capacity of 260 m3/hour at 60 mwc. The seawater is pumped to the plant through 600 mm-diameter GFRP piping. 

General Information

  • Location: Telde, Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, Spain 
  • Capacity: 16,000 m3/day
  • Technology: Reverse osmosis 
  • Type of Contract: EPC 
  • End-use of the water: Human consumption
  • Population supplied: 105,000 people

Key Points

The plant consists of the following sections:

  • Seawater intake point
  • Desalination plant
  • Storage tank
  • Pumping of desalinated water
  • Discharge of water from the washing of filters and wastewater

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