1st reverse osmosis desalination plant for industrial use in Peru

Talara sea water desalination plant has a capacity of 2,200 m3/day; it was the first reverse osmosis desalination plant for industrial use ever built in Peru.

North Peru is an arid, desert zone with a shortage of water resources. For this reason ACCIONA, in collaboration with our client Petroperu, and using a  BOOM’s contract (Builder, Own, Operation and Maintenance), took the decision to carry out this project and it was finished in 9 months, which includes full construction, assembly and commissioning of the installation.

The Talara plant is located within the Petroperú Talara Refinery complex and started operating on 25th November 2002.

General Information

  • Proyect: SWRO Talara.
  • Entity: Petroleos del Perú. PETROPERU.
  • Location: Talara. Piura, Perú. 
  • Flow: 2,200 m3/day.

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