ACCIONA will operate this new industrial desalination plant for 10 years.

Over the next ten years ACCIONA will operate and maintain 12 plants and 1 electrical substation that make up Package 3 (SWI, SWC, SWO, CWC, OR2, DM2, STA, SA2, WWS, BAW, NOW, SLP and SO2) of the new Talara refinery (Peru). ACCIONA will operate a seawater collection system with a capacity of 13 m3 per second and a desalination plant with a capacity of 238 liters per second, equivalent to 7,506,000 m3 per year at the new Talara refinery (Peru). The service includes the supply of desalinated and demineralized water, the collection and supply of seawater, the implementation of a closed cooling system, and the treatment and discharge of industrial and sanitary effluents. Northern Peru is an arid area with scarce water resources, which causes a general water shortage and makes desalination an alternative for providing fresh water.

At the same refinery, ACCIONA built and operated for 20 years the first industrial reverse osmosis desalination plant ever built in Peru, with a production capacity of 2,200 m3/day.

This facility will remain in service from 2001 until January 2022.

ACCIONA is a world leader in the construction of desalination plants using reverse osmosis technology, which is more efficient, less energy intensive and has a smaller carbon footprint than conventional thermal desalination, as it emits 6.5 times less greenhouse gases.

General Information

  • Project: SWRO plant Talara
  • Entity: Petróleos del Perú. PETROPERU
  • Location: Talara. Piura, Perú 
  • Capacity: 2,200 m3/day
  • Population equivalent: 14,666 inhabitants
  • Contract: from 2021 to January 2022

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