Petroleos de Venezuela SA selected ACCIONA

ACCIONA was selected by Petróleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA) for the design and construction of the plant.

For ACCIONA, the procurement of this project confirms international leadership of our reverse osmosis technology and supposes a significant reference in desalination, for this production capacity of the desalination plant and its mixed support planning to the development of the region.

Additionally, the contract will allow for working closely with PDVSA engineering teams, recognised for their technical excellence in the implementation of supply systems for industrial processes for the refinery of Cardón.

General Information

  • Project: Desalination Plant at the Centro Refinador Paraguaná.
  • Entity: Petróleos de Venezuela.
  • Location: Paraguaná Peninsula. Venezuela.
  • Capacity: 75,000 m3/day.

Key points

  • The Paraguaná project, sponsored by PDVSA, has a mixed character and is framed within its resource optimisation programmes and management excellence.
  • Approximately 30% of desalination water is intended to satisfy the water needs for the production processes for its refinery in Cardón.
  • While the remaining 70% is intended to supply water to the distribution network for the population of the area.
  • This mixed model is intended to boost sustainable development in the Paraguaná Peninsula, one of the most arid and dry areas in Venezuela, located in its northeast end. The water supply, besides its industrial use, will allow for the promotion of alternative activities in the area: such as agriculture or tourism, within the programmes started by the Venezuelan Administration to improve the economy of the region thus establishing a reference that can be applied as a development formula in other areas of the country and Latin America.

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