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The enlargement give rise to 136,000 m3 /day additional capacity—bringing the original plant’s total capacity to 592,000 m3 /day—and the plant serves a population equivalent of 100,000 inhabitants.

Emirates SembCorp Water & Power Company, a public-private Enterprise, has awarded the water business of ACCIONA, in consortium with the Infrastructure business, a Design, Build, Commission and Operate (7 years) for the enlargement of the Fujairah desalination plant, located in the Emirate of the same name.


In recent years, Fujairah’s coastline has been plagued repeatedly by so-called red tides causing prolonged periods of freshwater shortage in the area. This moved the authorities to call for the enlargement of the plant in an effort to ensure the region’s water supply. The new plant has been designed to guarantee the facility’s correct functioning in the event of further red tide episodes in the region.

General Information

  • Client: Emirates Sembcorp Water & Power Company
  • Location: Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
  • Flow: 136,000 m3/day
  • Population equivalent: 100,000 inhabitants

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