Desalination through revers osmosis

Desalination through reverse osmosis of sea water to supply clean water to the populations of Alicante, Elche, San Vicente del Raspeig and Santa Pola.

General Information

  • Project: Canal de Alicante SWRO
  • Entity: Ministry of the Environment.
  • Location: Alicante, Community of Valencia. Spain.
  • Capacity: 65,000 m3/day.
  • Population equivalent: 380,000 inhabitants

Key points

  • Sea water intake through well catchment.
  • Disinfection through the addition of sodium hypochlorite.
  • Pumping of sea water through deep well vertical centrifuge pumps (18) of 300 m3/h each.
  • Line Microfiltration through 10 units of constant level filters.
  • Conditioning of filtered water through dosage of sulphuric acid and anti-fouling agent (sodium hexametaphosphate).
  • Elimination of residual free chlorine through the addition of sodium bisulphate.
  • High pressure pumping and energy recovery through 7 multi-stage + Pelton turbine groups.
  • Seven frames of 100 modules and with 700 membranes each.
  • Remineralisation of desalinated water through the addition of lime.
  • Treated water tank using (4+1) pumps of 525 m3/h.
  • Impulsion piping for produced water with 8,300 m of diameter 1100 and 13,625 m of diameter 700. Regulation tank of 50,000 m3.
  • Supply by gravity to the Canal de Alicante.

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