Education for a sustainable development

The Sustainability Workshop is an educational program that ACCIONA has been developing since 1994, which aims to contribute to education for sustainable development.

The Sustainability Workshop is an educational program that ACCIONA has been developing since 1994, which aims to contribute to education for sustainable development. This project began in México in 2011 and during 2015 and 2016, its contents were “tropicalizing” with the language and examples of the country. This was done both from the cultural and lexical point of view, as well as from the pedagogical review, adapting the materials to the contents of the books of the Ministry of Public Education of Mexico.


The Sustainability Workshop is being implemented in primary and secondary schools in the area of our projects in which topics on Renewable Energy, Conservation of Water, Sustainable Cities, Waste Management and Sustainability are addressed. The Workshop consists of workbooks for each student and the accompaniment of teachers throughout the school year, through advice on how to use these notebooks, with the support of students in professional practices in local universities.


As a complementary part, activities are offered to improve the application and understanding of what sustainable development is, community values and care of the environment , through guided visits to the wind farms or solar plants of the company, talks in schools, reforestation projects and programs for the separation of waste and final disposal, among others.

The objective of this program is to reinforce environmental knowledge and promote a change in attitudes and behaviors among primary and secondary students in order to encourage a culture based on sustainability values, which helps to mitigate the environmental risks faced by the planet.

In addition, this initiative is a contribution of ACCIONA to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to promote an education in which children and young people will better understand the problems of the future.

The Sustainability Workshop is being implemented in Oaxaca (Wind farm of Oaxacas and Eurus), Sonora (PV Puerto Libertad) and Tamaulipas (El Cortijo Wind Farm). 6.521 students and teachers participated during 2017-2018 school year, 488 students in the guided visits and 22 talks in schools during 2018.

The program has 5 phases:

  • Phase 1: Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Phase 2: Introduction to teachers
  • Phase 3: Implementation of the program and complementary activities
  • Phase 4: Final Evaluation (contemplating control and experimental groups)
  • Phase 5: Results Report


  • Sustainable experience. Teachers teach children about sustainable development.
  • Inclusive experience. With the use of technological tools, a digital platform will be implemented that will scale the program to more communities and educational centers.
  • Environmentally responsible and innovative experience. It achieves the implementation of PET collection centers (plastic material recycling project) and teachers interested in developing solutions to environmental problems.
  • Transformative experience. Since 2011 more than 10 thousand students have acquired knowledge in environmental matters.

The main partners of the project are the schools through their teachers, who teach the children based on the book of the Sustainability Workshop, the school headmasters with whom we have the first contact in the school, the National Pedagogical University (UPN) and the Inter-American University for Development (UNID).