We foster sustainable development

During the last summer, different practical workshops were held for schoolchildren, creating a Summer School to mitigate the possible negative impacts and strengthen the positive ones in the communities of the area of influence of the project.

The Tolchén Transmission Line, in construction since 2018, is located in the communities of Renaico, Negrete and Mulchén, in the Araucanía region.


This social initiative, developed in the Aurora de Enero School, aims to promote knowledge about renewable energies and sustainable development in boys and girls, through different recreational activities.

In this opportunity, 32 children participated, most of them from the same sector of Aurora de Enero, and children from other neighboring localities.

The workshops developed were:

  • Zumba
  • Theatre: light and shade workshop, puppets, make-up, costumes
  • Paint
  • Cinema
  • Circus
  • Sustainability workshop: toy workshop with recycling, ecological costumes, painting about caring for the environment, among others.

With this initiative, ACCIONA shows its concern for the youngest of the communities that are in the area of influence of its facilities, trying to improve the quality of life and welfare of all of them.