tons of urban solid waste

ACCIONA diseñó y construyó las instalaciones de la planta de waste to energy SOGAMA, el Complejo Medioambiental de Cerceda, en La Coruña.

SOGAMA's urban solid waste (USW) treatment plant was built to transform non-recyclable USW into a type of refuse-derived fuel (RDF), to later be treated in a steam/water cycle boiler for electricity production.

With a total capacity of 50 MW and an input of 488,000 tonnes of urban solid waste per year, the plant is divided into four parts:

  • Yellow Bag Classification Plant (PCBA in Spanish): Light Packaging Recycling Plant.
  • Recycling, Treatment, and RDF Preparation Plant (PRTE in Spanish).
  • Cogeneration Plant (PCOG in Spanish): Six groups of generators producing a total of 21.21 MWe.
  • Thermoelectric Plant (PTE in Spanish).
In addition, we provided services related to the construction of two water treatment plants, a dumping site for inert slag, and an electrical substation.


La Coruña, Spain
Sociedade Galega Do Medio Ambiente
Thermoelectric capacity
50 MW
Waste to energy


  • 488,000 tonnes of USW per year

  • Electrical cogeneration capacity of 21.21 MW

  • Thermoelectric generation capacity of 50.00 MW

  • Estimated production of 515,000 MWh per year

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