new sewers

We invest in local communities

In 2016, at the community of Quebrada Grande, located in the area of influence of Chiripa wind farm, a sewege system project was started, framed in the social responsibility proposal that is published annually by the Energy division of ACCIONA to support social investment initiatives in the communities surrounding the wind farm.

The streets of Quebrada Grande did not have adequate drains or a drainage system that would allow rainwater to drain properly. This caused stagnant waters in the main roads of the community facilitating the proliferation of mosquitoes, among them “aedes aegipty” which can be a carrier of the dengue virus, yellow fever and other diseases.


To carry out the project, different institutions and organizations of the community worked together. Among them the Municipality of Tilarán, the Communal Association of Quebrada Grande, the Festival Commission of Quebrada Grande and the aqueduct of the area.

The initiative was planned for 3 years.

  • The first stage began in 2016 carrying out the second stage in 2017. The project started with the placement of sewer in a third part of the road (approximately 500 meters) from the mouth of the nearest river to the center of the community.
  • The second phase in 2017 had to be postponed due to the floods suffered by the country that caused a national emergency. Tilarán was seriously affected and the Municipality had to use all its machinery in aid.
  • At the beginning of 2018, the second stage of the project was completed.
  • Finally, the sewer system of the last phase is scheduled for 2019. Once the entire sewer section is finished, the Municipality will proceed to pave the area

ACCIONA was in charge of the purchase of the 120 sewers necessary for the realization of the project that were placed with the help of the machinery of the Municipality. The Quebrada Grande Association contributed with the hiring of labor.

Thanks to this project the entire population of Quebrada Grande, approximately 2,700 people have benefited.

ACCIONA shows its interest in the communities around its wind farms, trying to improve the quality of life and the wellbeing of the inhabitants as much as possible.