Women benefited

We strengthen our commitment to communities

The Energy Division of ACCIONA organizes a Seminar on Breast and Cervical Cancer in Puerto Libertad (Sonora, Mexico)

Breast cancer, along with cervical cancer, is one the most frequent forms of the disease in women, resulting in more than two million cases every year and 600,000 deaths, although healing rates are high if they are detected in time and are treated correctly.


For this reason, the Energy Division of ACCIONA organized a Seminar on Breast and Cervical Cancer in Puerto Libertad (Sonora, Mexico) for the second consecutive year.


The seminar took place from 19th to 22nd October to coincide with World Breast Cancer Day and was organized together with the National System for Integral Family Development in Puerto Libertad and Pitiquito Town Council.

This year, the focus was on the early detection of these diseases. As the World Health Organization says, “early detection with the aim of improving prognosis and survival rates of breast cancer continues to be the cornerstone of the fight against this cancer”. Aware of this, ACCIONA’s Energy Division has deployed a mobile unit in which 104 mammographs, 100 breast ultrasounds and 135 cytologies have been carried out on women from Puerto Libertad.

Last year, the following outreach actions were carried out in addition to the diagnostic tests: Zumba classes for more than 70 women; a beach walk that ended with the creation of a ribbon of light (the symbol against cancer) in which 90 women participated, and finally, they all contributed to the public mural titled “A brushstroke of hope”. This helped to strengthen awareness around the care that women need to show in relation to this disease, as well as helping to give hope to people who are suffering from it.

ACCIONA thus strengthens its commitment to communities near sites where it operates and contributes, in this case, to achieving the third Sustainable Development Goal related to health and well-being.