The third wind farm in Tamaulipas (Mexico)

This wind farm is one of seven that ACCIONA has in Mexico. It contributes 138.6 MW of clean energy to the country.

The 42 wind turbines in the wind farm are of ACCIONA Windpower technology, with a rotor diameter of 132 metres, 120-metre-high concrete towers and 3.3 MW of rated capacity. It is located in the municipality of Reynosa in the State of Tamaulipas (Mexico), where ACCIONA also has the El Cortijo and San Carlos wind farms.

It produces energy equivalent to the consumption of around 275,000 households, avoiding the emission of around 331,545 tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere per year.

With this facility, Acciona reaches 1,285 MW of renewable energy capacity in Mexico, in the form of seven wind farms totalling 881 MW and one 405-MW photovoltaic plant. The energy produced in Santa Cruz is used to support long-term purchase agreements (PPAs) for clean energy projects for private clients in the country.


  • Location: Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico
  • Capacity: 138.6 MW
  • Wind turbine: ACCIONA Windpower AW132/3300
  • Torre: 120 metres high (hub height) / concrete
  • Rotor: diameter 132 metres
  • Owner: ACCIONA


  • One of the seven wind farms owned by ACCIONA in Mexico
  • Clean energy equivalent to the consumption of around 275,000 households
  • 295,000 tonnes of CO2 avoided per year

Key figures


megawatts (MW) of power


equivalent households


wind turbines


tons of CO2 into the atmosphere avoided per year


metres high


GWh of annual production

Social initiatives


As part of this project, and within the social impact management methodology it applies, ACCIONA carries out a series of initiatives to improve the living conditions of the Mexican communities located near the Santa Cruz wind farm. The number of beneficiaries since 2019 is over 6,700.

In this case, the initiatives involve the improvement of infrastructures, the rehabilitation of school buildings and healthcare facilities and improvements in well-being, as well as the recycling of waste products generated. ACCIONA also set up a humanitarian aid campaign to protect people affected by Hurricane Hanna.

    Socio-economic impact


    € Contribution to GDP


    direct, indirect and induced jobs


    tCO₂ avoided per year


    m³ of water saved per year


    tons of SO₂ and NOx avoided per year.

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