renovating and expanding

The project consisted of renovating and expanding the San Pedro Hospital Complex, which is integrated into an urban area of the city, and serves more than 310,000 people. It has a surface area of 113,251 m2. This hospital has 630 beds, of which 82% are single rooms, and a parking area with spaces for 1,500 cars. The outpatient area consists of 172 examination rooms.

The expansion to Logroño Hospital was carried out by integrating the old San Pedro Hospital into its structure; this was originally a tuberculosis hospital built in the 1940s, which had been refurbished and was operational, with a total of 260 beds and four operating theatres.

For the first 22 months of the project, the facilities were operating normally. Up to that time, measures were put into place to carry out the project without affecting the operation of the hospital, in coordination with the preventative medicine services management team. Top-down construction techniques were used in some cases for the construction in the crawl spaces, which was carried out next to the old building, at 5 metres below the building.

The South Hospitalization Building has six levels above ground and one below ground, and has undergone expansion and renovation work. The new hospitalization block has seven levels above ground and one below ground, and was built from scratch.

General Information

  • Location: Logroño, Spain
  • Contract type: Construction
  • Infrastructure: 113,251 m2 of surface area. This hospital is equipped with 630 beds and 1,500 parking spaces
  • Year of project completion: 2007

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