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ACCIONA began to collaborate with the organization Sambhav foundation in a program in Davangere, one of the main cities in Karnataka State.

The Anaburu and Arasinagundi wind farms, located in Karnataka, have been in operation since 2008. To mitigate the negative impacts on the communities in the area of influence of the wind farm, ACCIONA began to collaborate with the organization Sambhav foundation in a program in Davangere, one of the main cities in Karnataka State.


Sambhav Foundation is dedicated to create sustainable ecosystem to foster inclusive education. The objective of the foundation along with ACCIONA is to provide skills interventions and vocational training to youth, both men and women to make them employable and to improve their socio-economic condition.

The project started with a rural study to understand the community requirements, followed by counseling and training of the candidates. After this, Sambhav Foundation set up the skill center in Jagalur Taluk, which comprised three courses:

  • Dairy farming: 60 candidates
  • Sewing Machine Operator: 60 candidates
  • Work place skills: 60 candidates

The project implementation consisted of:

  • Mobilization and counselling of the candidates
  • Curriculum and content creation
  • Recruitment of trainers for quality training outputs
  • Training of the candidates
  • Continuousformative and summative assessments
  • Certification of candidates
  • Placement assistance to the candidates

Two community meetings were held with the presence of ACCIONA management team and representative participants of the program.

Final results

The project objective was to impact lives of 150 candidates through skill development activities. At the end, 185 candidates enrolled the program, 180 candidates have successfully cleared the assessment and were certified. The training was aimed at candidates of diverse backgroundsin term of gender, caste, age group and education status.

The results of the program were highly positive:

  • Maximum number of candidates enrolled were between 18-25 years
  • Around 70% of enrolled candidates belonged to underprivileged communities
  • 52% females were enrolled for the training
  • Majority of the participants 114 (62%) had completed higher secondary education, while 47 (26%) were undergraduates
  • 150 of 185 candidates were placed, only 5 dropped the course.
  • Out of 180 certified candidates, 150 (83%) were successfully employed. Out of 150 employed candidates, 50(28%) candidates were wage employed and 100(55%) were self-employed.

ACCIONA with these actions aims to improve the quality of life of the communities around the wind farm and encourage the education of young people so that they can have a better future.

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