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Construction of two sections of the S19 expressway in Poland.

ACCIONA is participating in the construction of two sections of the S19 expressway in Poland. This road is part of the Via Carpathia international route, which will cover a total length of 700 kilometers across the country.

Its main objective is to create a link between Northern and Southern Europe in order to optimize traffic flow between the locations along the existing DK19, reduce travel times and improve road safety on these roads.

Rzeszów Południe - Babica Section

Awarded in 2020, the contract covers the design and build of a 10.3 kilometer section of the S19 two-lane expressway with two lanes in each direction, stretching from the Rzeszów Południe junction to Babica in south-eastern Poland. The contract value is €500 million.

The project involves the design and build of a 2.2-kilometer double tunnel, using the ‘Karpatka’ tunnel boring machine, which has been specially adapted for this project and is more than 15 meters in diameter and operates at a maximum depth of 100 meters. This will make the S19 the expressway with the longest TBM tunnel in Poland.

As part of the project, ACCIONA will also carry out the construction of:

  • Six flyovers.
  • Two road overpasses.
  • A collision-free crossing over the railway on the N-19 road.
  • Three animal crossings.

In addition, two technical buildings, two helipads for the Polish Air Ambulance and a Tunnel Management Center will be built to ensure their proper operation and guarantee maximum safety for users.


Domaradz - Iskrzynia Section

ACCIONA was awarded a new €226 million contract in 2022 to design and build the third section of the S19 expressway from Domaradz to Iskrzynia. The project includes the construction of 12.5 km of a two-lane expressway with two lanes in each direction and an emergency lane.

Due to the geological complexity of the main route, additional structures will be constructed. In particular, this will include:

  • Seven overpasses.
  • Eight bridges.
  • Eight viaducts.
  • Three animal crossings, two of them designed for medium-sized animals and one for larger animals.

The longest overpass, with a length of approximately 700 meters, will be built over a valley using pillars up to 30 metres high.

The expressway will be fully equipped, including road safety equipment, traffic management system infrastructure and specific environmental protection equipment.

Two Passenger Assistance Centers will also be built in Zagórze. These centers will provide full services, including parking, sanitary facilities and rest areas. In addition, future expansions are planned, which could include the addition of gas stations and catering facilities to enhance the passenger experience and convenience.

The expressway will be equipped with traffic safety devices, traffic management system infrastructure and environmental protection devices.


  • Location: Rzeszów Południe - Babica and Domaradz - Iskrzynia, Poland.
  • Type of contract: Design and build.
  • Infrastructure: Two sections of 10.3 kilometers and 12.5 kilometers respectively, together with double tunnels and a large number of additional structures such as overpasses, bridges, viaducts, animal crossings, service buildings and helipads.
  • Year of completion:

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