A large concrete bridge over the Roskilde Fjord

Design and construction of the Frederikssund Link over the Roskilde Fjord, in Denmark, 44 km from Copenhagen.

An 8.6 km long dual carriageway with 4 lanes (2x2) and a 1.36 km concrete bridge over the Roskilde fjord between Marbaekvej and Torslev Hage.


Of the remaining 7.24 km, 1.2 km are local between Frederikssundvej and Marbaekvej, 0.9 km with barriers (summer residential area) of which 0.5 km use sheet pilings, and, finally, 4.2 km are local from Torslev Hage, connecting Skibbyvej to a new roundabout.


New local highway between the new dual carriageway and Lyngerupvej/Route 53 (New Landerslevvej).


There are 10 small structures (overpasses and underpasses).

General information

  • Location: Frederikssund – Roskilde. Denmark
  • ACCIONA’s Role: Design and construction
  • Infrastructure: 8.6 km of 4-lane dual carriageway (2x2) with a 1.36 km concrete bridge.
  • Value of the project: 133 million euros
  • Expected completion date: 2019

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