bridge over Miño river

This new bridge replaces the old one, which was made of steel, and which could not withstand current traffic loads.

The 380 m long bridge over the river Miño is located on the Spanish-Portuguese border between towns of Tuy and Valença. It is made of two independent twin structures, one for each direction of circulation. The plant is straight and the longitudinal profile has a slope of 1%. 


Each plant has a total width of 12,80m and consists of  two lanes of 3,50 m, an interior shoulder of 1,00m and tqo sidewlks of 1,50m where the rails and semi-rigid barriers.


the bridge has three spans, 105m, 170 m, and 105 m, it is made of prestressed concrete with single-celled box griders of variable depth, ranging from 9 m over the pier to 3,60 m in the centre of the central span and in the stirrups. the bridge was built using the successive cantilever method.

General Information

  • Location: Tuy, Pontevedra, Spain, and Valença do Minho, Portugal
  • Contract type: Construction
  • Infrastructure: With a length of 380 m, each platform has a total width of 12.8 m and has two 3.5-m lanes, a 2.5-m outer shoulder, an inner shoulder of 1-m, and two 1.15-m sidewalks where the guardrail and the semi-rigid barrier are located
  • Year of project completion: 1993

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