Plant and landscape regeneration of beaches

Regeneration, planting, cleaning and maintenance services.

The services business of ACCIONA has performed adaptation work in certain areas of the Tarragona coast through actions aimed at improving the vegetation cover in sand and pine areas and the reduction of the visual impact caused by the existing breakwater.


In the area of vegetal and landscaping regeneration, it involves beaches with a total extension of 69,738.43, 9,143.75 ha. corresponding to Roc de Sant Gaietà, 8,810.97 ha. to the Cambrils promenade and 51.705,18 ha. to Montroig.


The tasks comprise the revegetation of breakwaters with different techniques, plantations in sand, forestry cleaning in coves and the maintenance of these procedures over two years.


The R&D&i department, led by a team of engineers and biologists, performed in situ experiments to reduce the degradation of the Tarragona coast line, which suffers strong anthropic pressure. As a result of this work, new innovative techniques have been developed to place retaining mesh in breakwaters, supervised and validated by the Quality, Environment and Sustainability department.

General information

  • Customer: Tragsa
  • Commencement of contract: 2010
  • Location: Tarragona
  • Services: vegetation and landscaping regeneration
  • Aggregates: 69.738,43 ha.

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