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The services business of ACCIONA moves a step forward in the digital world, capturing reality on a large scale with ground-breaking technologies.

The services business of ACCIONA moves a step forward in the digital world, capturing reality on a large scale with ground-breaking technologies.


From physical to digital

The services business of ACCIONA makes possible the digitalisation of a wide range of constructions, buildings and facilities. It offers potential business applications such as virtual tours, monitoring of works, BIM models, as-built plans, space planning, process improvement, marketing, prevention, etc.

Reality Capture by ACCIONA is different from other tri-dimensional model creation techniques in that, to obtain the data, the capture of 360º photographs combined with infrared technology is used, which speeds up the process and generates a 3D model in a very short space of time, which is identical to reality and the constructive plan of the reality capture environments.

The technology provides numerous benefits for the industrial, real estate, tourism and facility management sectors, since it has both commercial and marketing applications with immersive virtual visits, and operating applications with measurements and the generation of plans with absolute speed, the planning of reforms, the improvement of processes, the management of spaces and property or the maintenance of facilities.


This technology enables the performance of virtual tours in real environments, by taking 360° panoramic photos. Furthermore, virtual reality devices enable an immersive experience that grants the sensation of being physically present in the captured environment.


During the capture process, a 3D-digital model of the space with real dimensions is automatically generated. Based on this model, it is possible to generate tri-dimensional digital models using BIM software applied to the building and to infrastructures for building operation and maintenance, works monitoring, the generation of plans, etc.

The models created with “reality capture” are accessible for the customer over the Internet, and are also prepared to be used in virtual reality devices that provide a more immersive experience. These characteristics endow the “reality capture” with great power as a commercial tool for real estate companies, museums, hotels, shopping centres, etc., which can use it as advertising on their web pages or at events and exhibitions.



  • Shows the inside of buildings using 3D models and 360º photography without displacements.
  • Creates an accessible model on the web page and virtual reality devices.
  • Provides a tool for the planning and visualisation of building refurbishments.
  • Obtains 3D and BIM models for operation and maintenance.
  • Works agility and speed.
  • Provides ground-breaking technology with significant marketing power.

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