RAGTIME, Develop, demonstrate and validate an innovative management approach

Design and implementation of risk-based strategies for asset integrity management in multimodal transport infrastructures.

Risk based approaches for Asset inteGrity multimodal Transport Infrastructure ManagEment

Project objectives

An efficient asset management process is needed to ensure cost-effectiveness, in planning, delivery, operation and maintenance of large infrastructures or infrastructures network. Infrastructure asset management generally focuses on the later stages of a facility’s life cycle, specifically maintenance, rehabilitation, and replacement. However, a process of efficient asset management must define methods and tools for asset tracking, management of maintenance activity, determine the life cycle and replacement costs of the assets, assistance in determining funding strategies, optimizing capital investments in operation and maintenance, and help with the replacement of assets.

The main objective of RAGTIME is to develop, demonstrate and validate an innovative management approach and to lay out a whole system planning software platform, based on standard multiscale data models, able to facilitate a holistic management throughout the entire lifecycle of the infrastructure, providing an integrated view of risk based approach, implementing risk based models, resilient concepts and mitigation actions, with specific reference to climate change related threats perspective, and monitored with smart systems, in order to optimize ROI, management, guarantee LOS and improve resilience through maintaining the service.

Milestones to achieve:

The project has been structured into three main phases:

  • Phase I (Setting the scene and defining the AAIM framework) - focuses on defining the technical, legal and economic requirements to be introduced in the platform, gathering existing and new standard asset management tools and determining how each of these aspects have to be interrelated in the management of infrastructure through entire lifecycle.
  • Phase II (Investigation & Development of AAIM) - focuses on the different issues related to the three different tools to be integrated in the existing standard asset management tool.
  • . Phase III (Integration and Validation) - focuses on demonstration and validation of the AAIM approach for three case studies in UK, Italy and Slovenia.


01/09/2016 - 31/08/2019 (36 months)


  • TECNALIA, Spain
  • D'Appolonia S.p.A, Italy
  • Universidad de Cantabria, Spain
  • ACCIONA, Spain
  • Louis Berger, Spain
  • Slovenian railway network, Slovenia
  • Aon, Italy
  • Antea, Italy
  • LGI Consulting, France
  • Smartec SA, Switzerland
  • ZAG, Slovenia
  • Aiscat Servizi, Italy
  • Network Rail, UK
  • FEHRL, Belgium

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