enhancing the entrepreneurial capacity of the area

Since 2017, ACCIONA supports the Profectus Project created in 2016 by the Tilarán Municipality, in the surroundings of the Chiripa wind farm in Costa Rica, in operation since 2014.

The aim of the project is to enhance the entrepreneurial capacity of the inhabitants of the area and thus, reduce the rate of unemployment and poverty.


There are 158 producers participating in the program. The project consists as a platform to support small entrepreneurs in the area with training that will help them to grow in the workplace and expand their business vision. In addition, they receive help to promote their products with advertising and fairs where the entire community participates.

The program is divided in two phases:

  • In the first one, it helps local projects that are already being produced on a small scale and that are wishing to increase their sales and the volume of business.
  • In the second stage, the coverage of the program is expanded to train potential entrepreneurs.

Annually, 5 activities are included to achieve the planned objective:

  • Training workshops: for entrepreneurs to obtain the necessary skills to distribute their products in markets with greater potential. In a second phase, the intention is that potential entrepreneurs achieve specific approaches of business ideas with the respective business plan.
  • Talks: program of talks for entrepreneurs with the participation of experts, in order to generate a planned process of updating knowledge.
  • Forums: organization of periodic forums in order to generate debates between the authorities, the beneficiaries of the project and the private sector.
  • Fairs: restricted market system 'Tilarán produces, Entrepreneur Fair' for the exclusive use of local producers where the consumers are in direct contact with producers and sales of their products are promoted.
  • Entrepreneurship Week: Cantonal Fair that enables entrepreneurs to be persistent.

In the two years that ACCIONA has been supporting the program, it has provided the following goods and services:

  • Educational equipment and furniture: desks and chairs.
  • Office and computer supplies and materials: boards or corks.
  • Communication equipment: screen to project.
  • Training activities.

With this project ACCIONA seeks to support the small entrepreneurs in the area, promoting entrepreneurship and thus improving the quality of life of the communities in the area of influence of the wind farm