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Over 20 years operating

Handling services for passenger assistance, loading operations and sheets, ramps, ticket sales, footbridges, cargo, VIP services, de-icing and handling during low seasons

Since 1996, Airport Services has operated at the Palma de Mallorca (PMI) airport. It currently holds one of the licences to provide ramp handling services for a seven-year period, which will end in 2022.


The Palma de Mallorca airport currently has a client portfolio of more than 50 airlines and handles around 35,000 flights per year.


In Spain, ACCIONA also operates in the Barcelona, Las Palmas and Madrid airports.

At Palma de Mallorca, ACCIONA is the only handler with a high loader unit, with the capacity to serve wide-body cargo planes.

Technology and innovation


In line with its commitment to technology and innovation, ACCIONA has implemented the INFORM technology platform in its Spanish handling operations.

This software helps manage resources and operational flight information more efficiently, improving the quality of the service offered to the customer. In addition, it entails a significant improvement for employees, as it balances the work load. ACCIONA also uses this system in Germany and Chile.

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