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Central-West Orana renewable energy zone

The Orana Wind Farm (the Project) site is proposed to be located within the Central-West Orana (CWO) Renewable Energy Zone (REZ).

CWO was the first REZ to be declared in Australia with the potential to develop renewable energy projects that can contribute to the National Electricity Market (NEM). The project is situated within the Central West Orana Renewable Energy Zone (REZ), which is an area identified by the New South Wales Government as a priority region for the development of renewable energy projects that will support jobs and drive investment across the regional economy.


The proposed Orana Wind Farm is located south of Dunedoo (about 90km east of Dubbo) in the Central West Region of New South Wales. The location spreads across Warrumbungle Shire Council and Mid-Western Regional Council areas. The site is exposed to consistent winds across this part of the country and provides a suitable resource for the development of a wind farm.
The proposed Project will be up to 700MW, with ancillary infrastructure, including on-site substations, and the potential for energy storage.


  • Location: Between Dunedoo, Tallawang and Cobbora, New South Wales
  • Capacity: Up to 700MW
  • Energy Production: Equivalent to powering up to 420,000 households annually
  • Investment: Up to $900m
  • Jobs: Up to 250 jobs during construction, up to 10 ongoing full-time roles during operation


  • Significant economic activity across the Warrumbungle Shire and Mid-Western Regional Council Areas.
  • Up to 250 jobs during construction and up to 10 full-time roles once the wind farm becomes operational.
  • Providing a diversified income for wind farm host landowners.
  • Employment and procurement opportunities for local residents and businesses.
  • Establishment of a community enhancement program which will assist community organisations, community groups and local schools with financial grants to support community events, projects and activities.
  • A Scholarship Program open to local students to provide support to further their education at University or TAFE.

We are committed to engaging with the local community surrounding the proposed Orana Wind Farm. We acknowledge the importance and value of feedback (including enquiries and complaints). You can contact us via our free call community hotline or email.

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Please visit our detail page for more information about this project including relevant documentation, latest project news and community benefits.

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