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Operation and Maintenance of supply networks

ACCIONA was awarded the contract by Empresa Municipal de Aguas de Córdoba S.A. (EMACSA) to carry out a renovation, repair, maintenance, operation and improvement project for the supply networks of the city of Córdoba.

The contract, with an initial duration of three years, is based on the principles of sustainability, innovation and respect for the environment, reflecting ACCIONA's commitment to its mission of leading the transition to a low-carbon economy and contributing to the economic and social development of communities.

As part of its commitment to digitalization, ACCIONA will implement advanced technological tools to bring management closer to people and optimize internal processes. In addition, a Sustainable Mobility Plan will be established, promoting the use of a fully electrified vehicles, route optimization and efficiency in employee mobility.

One of the technologies that ACCIONA will use in the project is GOTA, which enables the efficient management of work orders, providing real-time tracking, traceability and control during the execution of tasks. This improves response and resolution times, ensuring a quality and efficient service.

ACCIONA will also implement measures to ensure environmental sustainability, such as carbon neutrality and noise emission control. The company also focuses its efforts on proper waste management and the adoption of water and energy saving, recycling and circularity practices, contributing to the protection of the environment.

General Information 

  • Client: Empresa Municipal de Aguas de Córdoba S.A. (EMACSA)
  • Location: Córdoba, Andalucía. Spain
  • Equivalent population: 325,708 inhabitants. 

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