Active systems for noise control

Improvements will be studied to reduce impact levels at critical points detected

The mission of this project is to reduce the noise of the Hydraulic Power Plants by means of active cancellation methods. These systems generate a wave in counter phase to the noise that is being produced by the transformers or generators of the plant, so that when the waves are coupled, certain wave frequencies are compensated by decreasing or "mitigating" the noise that can be perceived in the vicinity of the plant.

General Information

  • Location: Technological Innovation Department of Acciona.
  • Duration: April 2018-March 2019
  • Participants: Acciona.
  • Budget: €131,260.4
  • More information: Project financed by the Government of Navarra and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the ERDF Operational Programme 2014-2020 for Navarra

Content and activities

  • Characterization of acoustic signals and the measurement of noise levels from hydroelectric plants, specifically focusing on the characterization of noise from turbines and substations
  • A comparative analysis of existing control algorithms to develop active control systems for noise.
  • Develop simpler, more robust control algorithms based on the characteristics of the type of noise to be eliminated, to optimize the calculation/processing capacity of the control system and use low-cost systems of minimum complexity..
  • Development and validation of prototypes of active noise controllers that can be used in different noise elimination scenarios (noise from air outlets in the turbine hall and the substation) with a lower number of adjustment parameters, to ensure the stability of the system and maximum sound absorption.
  • Development of behaviour simulation software (based on MATLAB)
  • Overall design of a single- and multi-channel controller that acts on selected emitting elements (air outlets in the turbine hall and the substation).

Participants in the proyect

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